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A carbon-cutting charm for those who long for a better world...

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The tale of the tag

The 10:10 Tag is formed from the body of G-BDXH, one of the most famous airliners ever to fly. In June 1982, when she still went by the name ‘City of Edinburgh’, G-BDXH was flying over West Java en route to Auckland when she flew into the plume of volcanic ash produced by the eruption of Mount Galunggung (no, really). All four engines failed almost simultaneously, and the crew were forced to make an emergency landing in Jakarta.

After decades spent hurtling around the lower stratosphere and making all kinds of climate mischief in the process, G-BDXH is spending her retirement making it up to us. She’s been melted down and turned into 150,000 10:10 Tags – the best (and most stylish) way to show the world you’re cutting your 10% this year.

Thanks to 10:10 and a small independent forge in greenest Lincolnshire, pieces of G-BDXH are now proudly displayed on wrists and necks all over the world, including those of Sienna Miller, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Daisy Lowe. Why not join them? You can buy your Tag here or, to see how it was made, check out the video below.