Remade in Edinburgh

Their Pitch Pledge Party-funded project is a community-led repair and reuse centre to reduce waste and cut carbon

Pitch Pledge Party

Remade in Edinburgh is one of three groups funded by Pitch Pledge Party, a new experiment that connects practical carbon-cutting projects with committed donors. Find out more


Funding received: £5,500

Too often consumers are blamed for wasteful behaviour when the facilities to repair and reuse simply don’t exist. A wider culture of built-in obsolescence means that people tend to throw things away unnecessarily. This is a huge and often unaddressed source of carbon emissions.

Remade in Edinburgh runs free weekly repair sessions for textiles, laptops and furniture to build awareness of its campaign for a permanent centre with workshops and storage. It is also a 260-strong membership campaign working with partner organisations to push for zero-waste policies. The long term vision is for a network of similar centres across the UK.

Latest updates on Remade in Edinburgh

10:10 in 2012 – the highlights

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Lighter Later Energy Bill


In a year of record-breaking extreme weather, it's never been clearer that we need to step things up in a big way.

But when it's time to do more, it's also worth reminding ourselves what we're capable of.

So to celebrate another remarkable year, we've put together a big roundup of the best things we did together in the last 12 months. As always, it makes for pretty inspiring reading!

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Big strides for Remade

Pitch Pledge PartyRemade in Edinburgh's community repair and reuse centre was part-funded by 10:10ers as part of our Pitch Pledge Party project. Here's their nine-month update.

Remaking at Big Tent festival

Remaking at Big Tent festival

We've taken some big steps forward since our last update in March, including signing a brand new constitution that gets us on the way to securing charitable status! It was a great moment when we all came together to agree our objectives, and it feels like we're establishing ourselves as part of the community in Edinburgh.

But the meeting wasn't all formalities – we also saw the official launch of our Volunteer Credit Scheme, which rewards our volunteers with free courses covering everything from furniture repair to print-making.

Global news round up



This week we've got free energy meters up for grabs from the Dutch team, travel tips from Denmark and Remade news from Edinburgh and blogger Carrie. 

Remade event in Edinburgh this Saturday

Remade event banner

For the last year or so, we’ve been working with Remade in Edinburgh, a community repair and reuse project that walked away with the public vote at last October's Pitch Pledge Party event.

The project has been running free weekly repair sessions for textiles, laptops and furniture, and recently inspired us to run a worldwide Remade campaign of our own.

Remade in Edinburgh started as part of south Edinburgh’s Transition group, but now (partly thanks to the support of the 10:10 community) it’s strong enough to set up as a standalone organisation.

They’re holding a special event this Saturday (9 June) to celebrate everything that’s happened so far, and launch the next phase of the project. And you’re invited!

Remade month: learn to fix your favourite things

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Photo: Lisa Yarost

We've all been there. When your favourite pair of jeans loses a button, your computer slows to a crawl or your bike gears start rattling, it can feel like the end of the line. Time to get a new one.

Everyone knows it's possible to repair stuff like this, but most of us don't know where to start. Now all that's about to change.