People's Project winner: Remade in Edinburgh

Community repair and reuse centre scoops the popular vote for an extra £1,010

Photo: Lisa Yarost

What’s the problem?

Too often consumers are blamed for wasteful behaviour when the facilities to repair and reuse simply don’t exist. A wider culture of built-in obsolescence means that people tend to throw things away unnecessarily. This is a huge and often unaddressed source of carbon emissions.

What’s the proposed solution?

Remade in Edinburgh runs free weekly repair sessions for textiles, laptops and furniture to build awareness of its campaign for a permanent centre with workshops and storage. It is also a 260-strong membership campaign working with partner organisations to push for zero-waste policies. The long term vision is for a network of similar centres across the UK.

How will the money be spent?

Founder Sophie Unwin has spent a year running the project unpaid in her spare time with a total budget of £60 and support from 20 volunteers. To scale up and meet the huge demand for its services it urgently needs dedicated time to support the growing number of volunteers, engage with members, research a feasibility study and most urgently constitute as an organisation. Pitch Pledge Party funding will pay for a coordinator two days a week and an administrator one day a week for six months, with a view to producing a costed business plan.