posted by Nigel Farren

Barnet: six months in

10:10 crowdfunded community energy-saving project powers ahead

Energy-saving around the houseAt October's Pitch Pledge Party event, we got some funding from the 10:10 community to take our community energy saving and renewables initiative to the next level.

But it hasn't been all smooth sailing since my last update in December. A combination of Christmas holidays, cold weather and the government's feed-in tariff cutbacks has made it nearly impossible to persuade homeowners to install solar PV. Sadly, we also lost our free office space due to the landlord getting a paying tenant.

On the up

But things are on the up. Despite the setbacks, there's been some good news to balance it out...

Delivering the Green Deal in Barnet

Barnet Council have asked us to draw up a plan for delivering Green Deal in the borough, which has a population bigger than Cardiff, Edinburgh or Nottingham. I am involved in Green Deal workshops, and talking to potential Green Deal providers and the GLA about the best way to roll it out across London.

The ear of government

On top of all the presentations, events and the hunt for staff and office space, I've joined the community energy contact group that's been set up to help DECC improve its community energy policy. All very exciting!

Spreading the word

Our local network of community organisations, businesses and tradespeople is growing fast: we're establishing an energy savings and renewables project for some secondary schools. A major sports club also wants us to do some work for them, and  we’re hoping to launch an Energise Barnet Roadshow to promote renewables, energy-saving measures and the Green Deal across the borough  – watch this space for news!

Can you help?

There are still a few things we are still short of which are handicapping our development. Most importantly, I'd love to hear from you if you could help with some office space, office equipment, a thermal imaging camera and professional advice! Or, if you live in the area and want to lend a hand, I'd love to welcome you on board.

Last but certainly not least, thanks once again to 10:10! Without your help and that of the Funding Network, we would never have got this far.

Onwards and upwards!

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