Pitch Pledge Party

Bringing 10:10ers and donors together to turn your carbon-cutting ideas into reality

Pitch Pledge Party is a brand new funding experiment  developed by 10:10, The Funding Network and the Guardian. The aim is to link 10:10 participants with donors looking to support practical carbon-cutting ideas. Think Dragons' Den, but friendlier!

The first event

In the evening of 10 October, 100-or-so committed donors gathered at the Guardian offices in London. Three carefully-selected applicants pitched their ideas one at a time, and after hearing all the presentations, donors pledged  over £15,000 to all three projects. Read Julika's event report here

Our three finalists

Remade Scotland. Photo: Lisa Yarost
Remade in Edinburgh
...plans to set up a repair and reuse centre in Edinburgh, reviving lost repair skills and offering a counterweight to the throwaway culture that's responsible for millions of tonnes of extra CO2 each year.
Total raised: £5,500

Project website

Energise Barnet Energise Barnet
...runs a one-stop shop for local advice, resources and discounts on home energy saving measures, and are planning to train up a team of advocates to spread the word and help Barnet residents make the most of it.
Total raised:£4,200

Project website

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Photo: Josh Hough
Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
...wants to help NHS organisations upgrade kidney dialysis machines to make them 20% more energy efficient. The goal is to retrofit 1,000 machines in kidney care units UK-wide.
Total raised: £4,500

Project website

Latest Pitch Pledge Party updates

10:10 in 2012 – the highlights

Remade Solar Schools Wat Doe Jij Uit
#itshappening Pitch Pledge Party sommerluk
Lighter Later Energy Bill


In a year of record-breaking extreme weather, it's never been clearer that we need to step things up in a big way.

But when it's time to do more, it's also worth reminding ourselves what we're capable of.

So to celebrate another remarkable year, we've put together a big roundup of the best things we did together in the last 12 months. As always, it makes for pretty inspiring reading!

Click here to see 10:10's greatest hits from 2012

100th dialysis machine goes green with 10:10 crowdfunding


Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Hard to believe it's been a year since our Pitch Pledge Party crowdfunding event, but the three carbon-cutting projects that pitched for money that night haven't wasted a moment.

Delivering the Green Deal in Barnet

At 10:10's Pitch Pledge Party event in October 2011, Energise Barnet got some funding from the 10:10 community to take our community energy saving and renewables initiative to the next level.
Since my last update in March, we've focused on creating a Green Deal delivery plan for Barnet Council. The Green Deal – a government programme that gives people loans for energy efficiency measures with repayments tied to fuel bill savings – launches in October, and we'll be helping to make it happen in Barnet.

Cutting carbon in kidney care

Pitch Pledge PartyCentre for Sustainable healthcare's energy-saving refit programme for dialysis machines was part-funded by 10:10ers as part of our Pitch Pledge Party project. Here's their nine-month update.


Dialysis at Guy's & St Thomas' hospital

In 2010, renal technicians Fraser Campbell and Steve Milne found that adding heat exchangers to old Dialog+ dialysis machines could cut their carbon footprint by about 20%. Since then we've been working to promote this technique and help other renal units try it on their own machines.

Manufacturer BBraun has now started shipping all new machines with heat exchangers pre-installed, and has retrofitted the machines in their own dialysis units – a huge success for carbon reduction!

Big strides for Remade

Pitch Pledge PartyRemade in Edinburgh's community repair and reuse centre was part-funded by 10:10ers as part of our Pitch Pledge Party project. Here's their nine-month update.

Remaking at Big Tent festival

Remaking at Big Tent festival

We've taken some big steps forward since our last update in March, including signing a brand new constitution that gets us on the way to securing charitable status! It was a great moment when we all came together to agree our objectives, and it feels like we're establishing ourselves as part of the community in Edinburgh.

But the meeting wasn't all formalities – we also saw the official launch of our Volunteer Credit Scheme, which rewards our volunteers with free courses covering everything from furniture repair to print-making.