10:10 Liftshare

Could you save 10% of your emissions by car sharing on the way to work?

The typical commuter who car-shares every day cuts their emissions by a tonne a year – about 10% of the UK average! It’s a sociable and money-saving contribution to your 10:10 commitment.

There are 38 million empty car seats on the UK’s roads every morning... Fill yours (or someone else’s!) with our free car-sharing scheme. We’ve teamed up with liftshare.com to give you a service that’s:

  • Free to use - you simply share the travel costs
  • Links drivers and passengers together online
  • Part of the largest car sharing scheme in the UK with more than 350,000 members
  • Reduces the pollution and congestion on our roads

Click here to try the 10:10 liftshare scheme.