Case study: UCLH

University College London Hospitals celebrated its 10:10 successes with a green awards evening. We went along to find out what they've been up to.

Carbon Oscars

We don't like to play favourites at 10:10, but if we did, University College London Hospital would be high on the list. On board since day one, UCLH  have pulled out all the stops for their 10:10 effort and are always coming up with new ways to get the word out. So when they announced a 10:10-themed Carbon Oscars evening, we weren't entirely surprised.

Presented by 10:10's leading lady Eugenie Harvey, the Oscars (pictured) were handed out to the great and the good of UCLH’s carbon cutting task force. At the heart of this group are 60 Carbon Champions - specially trained volunteers from every corner of the hospital who help colleagues in their carbon-cutting efforts and make sure the hospital is running a clean, green operation.

My friends call me Switch

Keeping it all ticking over is Tony Cope aka 'Mr Switch It’. Both award winner and giver at last night’s Carbon Oscars, Mr Switch It is an energy consultant who gives extra support and motivation to staff and helps the Carbon Champions stay on track. Cope's speciality is slapping 'turn it off' stickers on anything bearing even a passing resemblance to a switch or tap, and has racked up more than 20,000 in the few months since he started.

Sustainable supply chain

Also in line for accolades were UCLH’s Sustainable Supply Chain partners. When the hospital analysed its climate impact it found that procurement accounted for 76% of its carbon emissions. A full supply chain review showed that big reductions could be made by aligning contracts, rejigging supply networks and getting UCL hospitals working together.

As the the lights dimmed and the opening scene of The Age of Stupid flickered on the screen, the UCLH team could relax in the knowledge that their 10:10 effort was off to a flying start - the newly-released figures for January and February showed that they'd managed an 11.5% cut compared to the same period last year.

Honourable mention: other UCLH sustainability initiatives

  • A booklet of carbon reduction techniques distributed with pay packets
  • The introduction of PCs that are specially programmed to switch off when not in use
  • Integration of carbon reducing measures in the building of UCLH’s new Cancer Centre

If you would like to get in touch with UCLH, to ask their advice regarding your own carbon cutting activity, email [email protected]