10 April: Jenny Jones, Green Party Mayoral Candidate

Jenny Jones joins us hot off the campaign trail.

With just over a month to go before Londoners choose their next Mayor, Boris and Ken are going head-to-head in a fight that is sure to turn particularly colourful as the weeks go on. But where does the colour green come in? 


Well, 2012 has been earmarked by commentators as the year in which the Greens overtake the Liberal Democrats in the ballot for Mayor. As a former Deputy Mayor, chair of London Food, the Mayor’s Road Safety ambassador and green transport advisor. Jenny Jones, the Green Party Mayoral candidate, is well seasoned on the key issues facing the city. 

Much of coverage of the Mayoral race will focus on the two *big* protagonists, Boris & Ken, but the London Green Party has said it will take the opportunity to stand outside of all of the rhetoric and base their campaign on policies not personalities.

Come and hear Jenny Jones' green vision for London. 

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