Kyocera Mita

All about our first 10:10 Leader

At Kyocera Mita UK we’re big fans of keeping things simple, and we’re big fans of protecting our planet too, so when we heard about the 10:10 campaign it sounded like it was right up our street: A straightforward way of getting the UK to band together and take action on climate change – not by 2050, or even 2020, but by the end of this year. We’re proud to be 10:10’s first leader company and we’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

So who are we?

“Kyocera has been banging the ecological drum since Sting was knee-high to a South American grasshopper” said IT journalist Tim Danton back in 2002, but unless you’re involved in buying office printers and photocopiers you can be forgiven for not recognising us.

As you might gather from the name, we’re a Japanese company, and we focus on developing more ecologically sound solutions to problems such as “I need to print 100 copies of this letter in the next three minutes” and “how can I run my car’s air-conditioning from solar power?”

Our founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori is both a highly-respected business leader in his native Japan and an ordained Buddhist monk so, as you can imagine, he’s got some powerful ideas about how we operate as a business in the world. In fact our entire corporate philosophy, created by Dr Inamori, boils down to one guiding principle: “do the right thing”.

What do we do?

While Kyocera worldwide is involved in everything from solar power to artificial hip joints, in the UK we focus on printers, multifunction copiers, and management software for these machines. We launched our first ECOSYS printer back in 1992 – the year of the first Earth Summit in Rio - using a new type of print engine that cuts the waste associated with print cartridges by 90%*

Kyocera printers use long life components to minimise the “throwaway” element of the printer cartridge. The great news for our customers is that it saves money too – typically 50% per page compared to our average competitor. To put this in perspective, one of our larger customers is saving £1million per year by using our products, and cutting their energy consumption by 55%.

We’ve always been very straightforward about our products. They do what we say they’ll do, and we’ll back it up with the figures to prove it. We believe in transparency, particularly when it comes to the environment, which is why we think that 10:10 is the most important movement in the UK right now. We hope you’ll join us. To keep track of Kyocera Mita’s own 10:10 target, check out our KPIs here. If you’re a business looking to manage your environmental impact, check out our Green Card Environmental Business network here

We look forward to walking with you on your 10:10 journey.

*Waste by volume.