Franny Armstrong


Franny Armstrong

Job title: Founder

Actual job: Asking powerful people for money and/or emissions cuts
10:10er since: That fateful day back in March 2009 when I was trying to think of something to beat Ed Miliband over the head with, and instead came up with 10:10

10:10 plan: Not flying to America and Australia to launch my climate movie

Favourite 10:10er: Arsenal and Spurs, hand in hand

Guilty pleasure: Blueberries not in season

Best/worst 10:10 moment: Saying "Labour's definitely getting kicked out at the next election" to the EDF (big energy company) dude I was discussing 10:10 with, not realising he is Gordon Brown's brother

Background: Was a drummer, became a filmmaker, turned into a climate campaigner. Full story here.