Ayesha Garrett


Ayesha GarrettJob title: Designer

Actual job: Making everything pretty and on-brand

10:10er since: 4th January 2010

10:10 plan: Giving up cheese (health benefits as well as carbon reduction), getting rid of the car when house renovations complete, and making up for no flying with rail travel.

Favourite 10:10er: Zac Goldsmith

Guilty pleasure: Avocados

Best 10:10 moment: Getting this job and chance to work with such an awesomely designed brand.

Background: Ayesha has a background in languages, Arabic and Japanese, but eventually realised that the attraction was in the design of the scripts. She covers all ranges of graphics online and offline, and gets excited about 3D and visual effects for film.

She spends a lot of free time being told to stand up straight in flamenco classes and believes everyone should do yoga so we can still stand on our heads when we get old and absorb a chilled out view of the world... except when playing Wipeout on the Playstation.