posted by Malachi Chadwick

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Next time someone says we can't solve climate change, show them these photos

It's the 10th of October. 10/10!

For the last three years, 10/10 has been the day we knock on cynicism's door and run away giggling. The day we put clingfilm over the toilet of business-as-usual, and order unwanted takeaways to the house of despair.

This year we're relaunching our #itshappening project, which showcases all the best climate success stories from around the world.

Variously described as 'Springwatch with solar panels' and 'Al Gore meets lolcats', #itshappening is our way of bringing a sense of possibility back to the climate debate.

We've added loads of brand new stories and made it really easy to share them around in two clicks. Take a look!

From small personal triumphs to huge national trends, we unearth stories from obscure industry journals, unsung local groups and, of course, the carbon cutting masters that make up the 10:10 community.

Translated from climate-ese and given some visual fairydust, the individual stories look pretty impressive. But together, they add up to something much bigger the first glimpse of a better world taking shape. And that's a story everyone needs to hear.

So using social media, and the best photo gallery we could hack together on our creaky old website, we're sharing it with the world under the #itshappening banner.

Against a flood of bad news and a rocky road ahead, #itshappening is a reminder not only of how far we've come, but more importantly, what we're capable of.

So next time someone tells you we can't solve climate change, show them these pictures. Let's convert some cynics!