posted by Malachi Chadwick


Grab some scissors and scrap paper, steal the ribbon off your sister's box of chocolates, switch off all those screens and get creative with our DIY Christmas decorations...






  • If you're not a grownup yet, find one to help you with the cutting.
  • If you're a grownup and need an excuse to muck around with ribbons and glue sticks, find a child to help you with the excusing.
  • Print on the back of a sheet you've used for something really boring. Thin paper works best.
  • Decorate with spare ribbons, glitter, tinsel – whatever you've got lying around!
  • Use a ruler to get nice neat folds.
  • When you need to cut a hole in the middle of the sheet (for the tree and the cracker), pinch the paper to make a little fold, then snip it.
  • Try printing the plain templates directly onto coloured paper.

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