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A giant list of resources and local projects to boost your repair skills


Hopefully Remade Month has inspired you to keep experimenting with new ways to fix things, and there are loads of local projects and online resources out there to help you hone your skills.

We've pulled together a few of our favourites to start you off – check them out here, and let us know about any great projects near you that should be on list.

General tips & resources

  • Espares: An online shop selling spare parts for every appliance under the sun, with handy video guides to help you install them.
  • Make do & MendA crafty, green, and informative design website, run by Ma Ethical Fashion Graduate Nathalie. It tries to tackle the problems arising out of the commercial direction of the fashion industry.
  • Sugru: Exciting new air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. It bonds to most materials and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. Use it to fix anything and everything.
  • Geeks on WheelsOffer a range of  tips and tricks to help you trouble shoot minor issues and enhance your safe computing experience.
  • Pinterest: Have a browse around Pinterest to find inspiration for repairing, remaking, upcycling etc. 
  • Do the Green thingOffers a long list of tips on how to fix what you've got.
  • ifixitAims at offering free repair manuals for everything. Check out their guides and manifesto.
  • CTC: The UK's national cyclists' association recommends bicycle maintenance classes across the country. 
  • Howtomendit.comFind out how to mend vacuum cleaners and mobile phones, cars and DVD players, computers and tumble dryers, televisions and motorbikes, CD players and washing machines.
  • Bike Radar: An excellent collection of bike maintenance videos.
  • Evans: Offers free FixIt! maintenance courses. 
  • Bob Vila's community forumPost your question in electrical, appliance, architecture, or other forums and get answers from other do-it-yourselfers who understand your project. 

Local projects


  • Remade in Edinburgh: A community repair and re-use project that runs regular workshops and a campaign for better waste policies in the city.
  • UK HandmadeA design led online magazine committed to showcasing and promoting the best creative talent the UK has to offer while working to bring back the skills of our grandparents, grow vegetables with our children, to make do and mend and return to an ideology that previous generations took for granted.
  • Frugal CoolWorkshops where you will be encouraged to find new uses for old things, and to create something special from scraps. You'll learn new skills and meet new people.
  • The Bike Station: Supported by local community organisations and local government authorities, this charity reconditions donated bikes, those from recycling centres and others found abandoned around Edinburgh into new models for sale. It also offers a range of bicycle training courses.

North East

  • Recyke y'Bike: Visit the guys from Recyke y'Bike for reclaiming, refurbishing, re-creating, re-using, training, recycling and servicing.

North West

Northern Ireland

  • Bikedock: A bike shop and cycling specialist who also offers maintenance courses in Belfast. 

Yorkshire and the Humber

  • ReMade in LeedsA Leeds based sustainable fashion boutique offering workshops, events and clothing collections. 

East Midlands

  • Nottingham Hackspace: A workshop and coworking space for the East Midlands, located close to the centre of Nottingham. It’s a place for makers and creatives to meet, learn, swap skills, and work on projects.

West Midlands

  • Coventry Recyled Cycles: Aims to offer free recycled bicyles to those that genuinely cannot afford a one, affordable bicycles to those that would like one and guidance to those that would like to keep their current bicycle on the road.
  • Back-2-Bikes: A thriving charity bicycle recycling project based in Stafford. The project's center is a training workshop where volunteers of all abilities gain skills and experience which are used by some to help them back into paid employment.  Made up of a team of avid cyclists, it encourages the public to get back to bike basics.


East of England

  • Downland Cycles: Learn how to maintain your own bike by attending a cycle maintenance workshop or book a day to build your own bike. Choose from one week, two day or one day courses.


  • The RemakeryA community repair and reuse space run by Remade in Brixton. Offers workshops and classes.
  • Junky StylingInspired by the prevalence of recycling in places such as San Francisco and Tokyo and the resourcefulness of the people of Vietnam and Thailand, Junky Wardrobe Surgery gives your old, ill fitting, worn out clothes a complete overhaul, customisation or a simple alteration. 
  • London Bike KitchenAn open DIY workshop where you can work on your own bike instead of giving it to someone else. LBK is about promoting self-reliance and confidence, making cycling accessible and affordable and getting more people of all backgrounds on bicycles.
  • Centre for Sustainable Fashion: Offer workshops relating to fashion and sustainability that are delivered as day-long intensive training sessions.
  • Upcycle Fashion: Amongst their offers are workshops for schools, universities and the wider community to teach sewing skills for the real world and to inspire a different attitude to the way we consume clothing.

South East

  • Brooke's Bike DoctorA while-you-wait bicycle repair service for students and staff of Brooke's University. All labour is free - you will only be charged for any parts used.
  • Remade in Dover: Learn how to upcycle at one of their workshops. 

South West

  • Maid Marian'sA family-run reliable and high quality sewing service offering alterations, repairs and hand-made clothes.
  • The Bristol Bike Project: A volunteer-run community bicycle project that repairs, reuses and re-homes unwanted bikes. Their motto: 'Helping people to help themselves'.

Re-use projects

  • I love Freegle: If you're wanting to get rid of your wardrobe or despeately need a second hand washing machine, I Love Freegle has 336 locally based groups across Britain who might just be able to help you out.