posted by Becca Thomas

tricks to make your clothes last longer

Use these tips to keep your favourite clothes looking (and feeling) new for longer

Shirts hanging on wooden hangers

Photo: Brian J Matis

There are a number of things that you can do to keep your clothes in good condition for longer. And when they do start falling apart, there's advice on how to repair them in our Sophie's mending masterclass blog.

Here’s our top 10 tips:

  • Don’t leave your clothes in a pile on the floor. Hang them, fold them or put them in a wash-basket.
  • Store them away from moths, moisture and sunlight.
  • Use plastic, wooden or cloth covered hangers. Metal ones can rust and stain clothes.
  • Wash your whites, colours and darks separately (but wait till you have a full load).
  • Wash at 30 degrees. It will prolong the life of your clothes and uses much less energy.
  • Don’t wash things unnecessarily. A good airing may be all your clothes need.
  • Find out how hard the water is in your area. This will help you gauge how much detergent you need. Using too much may damage your clothes over time.
  • Avoid using a dryer. Dryers fade colours quicker than the sun, shrink your clothes and hike up your energy bills.
  • Removing clothes as soon as a wash is done will stop them from wrinkling and save you needing to use an iron.
  • Or you can de-wrinkle clothing while in the shower. The hot steam will work a treat to smooth them out.

Follow these tips and you’ll save time, money and carbon, and keep your best threads out of the bin.

Update January 2013

Anna Boyle wrote in with this great tip: "Many clothes, especially jersey leggings, will last better if you turn them inside out for the wash. It will preserve the surface, same for prints."

Thanks Anna!