posted by Malachi Chadwick

your next 10%

Need cash to keep the carbon cuts coming? Look no further


If you've already taken care of the easy stuff, finding the money for more carbon cuts can be a real headache. And as more and more 10:10ers start thinking about their next 10%, the funding question isn't going away any time soon.

With that in mind, we've started a list of alternative funding sources, which we'll keep updating with your suggestions. Good luck!

Individuals and families

Energy Saving Trust funding database

Your one stop shop for household-level funding. Simply enter some details to generate a list of grants and offers suited to your location and circumstances. Find out more

Businesses and organisations

Carbon Trust loans

Zero interest energy efficiency loans of £3,000-100,000 for large businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland. Find out more: Wales / Northern Ireland

Salix Finance 

Loans and ring-fenced conditional grants for public sector organisations working to meet carbon targets. Find out more

London Energy Efficiency Fund

Low-cost loans for public sector organisations in the capital wishing to reduce the energy consumption of their assets by at least 20%. Find out more


Finance your business idea through lots of small investments, Spanner Films style. Find out more

Local/community projects

UK Carbon Reporting Framework

A PPP-esque matchmaking service bringing together local carbon-cutting projects with companies looking to fund them. Strong emphasis on verifiable emissions reductions. Find out more

The Energyshare Fund

One of the main pillars of the brilliant Energyshare initiative, this fund is doling out £3m over three years to community-based renewable energy projects. Find out more


This new site – which styles itself as the UK's answer to Kickstarter – isn't energy-specific, but if it takes off it could be invaluable for community carbon-cutting projects. Find out more

Carbon Leapfrog

Not a direct source of hard cash, but invaluable nevertheless. Through a coalition of big companies, Carbon Leapfrog offers pro bono services such as accounting, law, engineering, PR, banking and consultancy to community carbon-cutting projects. Find out more

Solar Communities

A £20m pot supporting community-level solar installations in Cornwall. For a project to be eligible, the panels must be installed before March 2012. Find out more

What have we missed?
Hopefully you've found a few useful leads here, but this is really just the start. If you've secured funding from a source not listed here, let us know via email, Facebook or Twitter (@1010), and we'll add it in.