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Pledge Party profile: Remade in Edinburgh

Pitch Pledge Party finalist is setting up a repair and re-use centre to help the people of Edinburgh save money, cut waste and pick up new skills

Pitch Pledge PartyRemade in Edinburgh is one of three finalists for Pitch Pledge Party, a new fundraising experiment that connects practical carbon-cutting projects with committed donors. Find out more

Photo: Lisa Yarost

Organisation name: Remade in Edinburgh

Project summary: Remade in Edinburgh is a community-led repair and reuse centre. By helping to revive lost repair skills, it provides a counterweight to the throwaway culture that's responsible for millions of tonnes of waste and CO2 each year.

Pitching: Sophie Unwin (founder)

Remade in Edinburgh might be inspired by the repair skills of the past, but in many ways this project is way ahead of its time.

One of the biggest barriers to a truly low-carbon world is the emissions embodied in the things we buy and use every day. By giving people the skills and resources to keep their stuff alive for longer, Remade in Edinburgh is laying the groundwork for a more enlightened approach to making and owning things.

The organisers currently run free weekly drop in repair sessions for laptop computers and textiles, and Remade in Edinburgh now has 225 members supported by 20 volunteers. 

Founder Sophie Unwin has been running the project in her spare time for a year now, but to scale up sustainably it urgently needs dedicated time to coordinate and support the growing number of volunteers, engage with members, research a feasibility study and constitute as an organisation. Pitch Pledge Party funding  would pay for a coordinator two days a week and an administrator one day a week for six months, with a view to producing a costed business plan.