posted by Harriet Bell

Pledge Party profile: Energise Barnet

Pitch Pledge Party finalist wants to help local homeowners take advantage of home insulation and rooftop renewables

Pitch Pledge PartyEnergise Barnet is one of three finalists for Pitch Pledge Party, a new fundraising experiment that connects practical carbon-cutting projects with committed donors. Find out more

Organisation name: Energise Barnet

Project summary: Recruiting and training a team to promote Energise Barnet's flagship project: a one-stop-shop for residents to get impartial advice and group discounts on energy efficiency and renewables for their homes.

Pitching: Nigel Farren (founder)

Most of the 140,000 homes and buildings in Barnet are old and uninsulated and most residents are unaware of the benefits of improving energy efficiency or generating their own energy. They also do not know which installers to trust and are nervous about being ripped off. 

As a result, most pay more than they need to for energy and Barnet has the highest domestic carbon emissions per person of any London borough.  

Energise Barnet CIC provides a one stop shop solution by offering impartial information and advice and through community buying groups, will enable more Barnet residents to take advantage of the government's forthcoming Green Deal scheme.

The bigger the buying groups, the bigger the savings and the bigger the reduction in carbon emissions.

If Nigel can make Energise Barnet a success, he will seek to replicate it across London.