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Pledge Party profile: Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Pitch Pledge Party finalist is planning to inspire a green retrofit for the UK's energy-hungry hospital hardware

Pitch Pledge PartyCentre for Sustainable Healthcare is one of three finalists for Pitch Pledge Party, a new fundraising experiment that connects practical carbon-cutting projects with committed donors. Find out more

Rachel Stancliffe

Director Rachel Stancliffe will be pitching the project on 10 October

Organisation name: Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH)

Project summary: Help NHS organisations add energy-saving heat exchangers to 1,000 kidney dialysis machines.

Pitching: Rachel Stancliffe (director), Dr Frances Mortimer (clinical director)

The NHS is the largest organisation in Europe, with 1.3 million employees and yearly carbon emissions topping 22 million tonnes.

This presents some brilliant opportunities to save resources, and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare's project aims to fix up Britain's energy-hungry kidney dialysis machines.

The idea is to help and encourage NHS  organisations to fit a tried-and-tested device called a heat exchanger to 1,000 machines across the country, reducing their energy consumption by around 20% and saving nearly 300 tonnes of carbon each year.

Pitch Pledge Party funding would pay for a project coordinator to help the Centre's networks deliver and publicise the retrofits.