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embassy Beijing cuts 48%

Greening manager Zara Arshad reports on the embassy's hugely successful first year

The British Embassy in Beijing

Photo: Krokodyl

Last year, the British Embassy in Beijing signed up to the 10:10 campaign, pledging to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% before May 2011. Today, we are proud to announce that we have surpassed this target by achieving a 48% reduction!

After determining our baseline carbon footprint, we ran a series of mini campaigns focused on waste, transport, water and energy during our action year. We also worked hard on outreach, experimenting with different methods of communication and organising better awareness-raising events (see my last blog for details of all these projects). The overall impact of these efforts has been as follows:

  • A 34% reduction in vehicle emissions (more details)
  • A 68% reduction in air travel emissions by reducing the overall number of flights taken, and replacing with either train travel or videoconferencing (more details)
  • A 15% reduction in energy emissions (more details)

We also managed a 47% reduction in waste output by reducing initial consumption, reusing materials where possible and streamlining recycling processes

The Greening the FCO programme has generated a great sense of teamwork across the embassy, demonstrating that re-education and altering individual habits can be hugely effective. As part of our long-term commitment to climate change and sustainability, we hope to continue these efforts in 2011.


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