posted by Malachi Chadwick

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Climate ministry is first government department past the 10:10 post with a 21% cut

Live energy readout on the DECC website

Live energy readout on the DECC website

Good news from government has been in short supply of late, but a couple of early-adopting government departments have racked up some fantastic 10:10 results.

First past the post is the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which managed an impressive 21% emissions cut. That's 547 tonnes of climate changing CO2 that didn't go anywhere near the atmosphere last year. Not bad at all.

The bulk of DECC's savings came from moving staff from desktop to laptop computers, and overhauling the IT cooling system so it was no longer necessary to refrigerate an entire floor of the building to stop the servers melting. Further savings came from changes to the department's heating regime – a new schedule for water and space heating cut gas consumption by 50%.

We've also heard rumours of a similarly impressive result from the Foreign Office, which they should be announcing any day now. In the meantime, check out this Guardian article for more details on DECC's 10:10 adventures.