posted by Jonathan Bown

Sundays In Dalston

300 people gather for London 10:10:10 event

In a small community garden behind a shopping centre in the Dalston district of London, a small group of locals have created a space that puts low-carbon living at its heart.

Green Sundays Poster in Dalston

Green Sundays Poster in Dalston

Led by the nearby Arcola Theatre, several businesses have supported the creation of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, a community garden open to the public every day.

The garden hosts a Green Sunday every other week with hundreds of people coming together to eat local food, take part in workshops, watch films and share their ideas and experiences.

Today, however, was a special Green Sunday as the garden was opened for a 10:10:10 event. Feimatta, Jessie, Ben and their amazing colleagues organized a swap shop, local food, music, a bike workshop, energy advice and much more which attracted over 300 people.

This is the essence of what the day of doing, and 10:10 is all about. It was a real pleasure to spend an hour out of the office on this busy day with everyone at Dalston.

Thank you!