posted by Brett Hagen

gets up and running

The first UK council with a 10:10 recycling truck

Crawley City Council's 10:10 truck

At Crawley Borough Council we've been making great strides with our 10:10 commitment for a while now, but this week we found a whole new way to tell local residents about 10:10.

After responding to a callout in 10:10's councils newsletter, we are now the proud owner of the country's first bright pink 10:10 recycling truck, and I think you'll agree it's going to turn some heads.

We're not just about giant truck statements though, far from it. Last year we were searching for better ways to communicate to the public about climate change, and when 10:10 came along we thought it would be a great way to get the community involved and show how we were trying to lead by example. We deliberated for a while, analysing whether we might be able to meet the target, but we quickly decided to take the plunge and sign up.

First of all we worked to get local media on board. The Crawley News agreed to run regular articles throughout the year on the campaign, to explain what we were doing and engage local residents.

One of our highlights so far was linking 10:10 to our entry in Britain in Bloom. We asked local primary schools to create artworks based around the ten 10:10 themes, and the 10 winners were invited to the council chambers for a special eco-prizegiving - it was a huge occasion for 6 year olds.

10:10:10 was also a big day for us. Events sprang up all over Crawley, including:

  • Displays of green art created by local schoolchildren.
  • An eco stall at the farmer's market offering free locally-produced apple juice.
  • Tree planting in the Memorial Gardens.
  • Officers from our Environment Team promoting low carbon lifestyles.

And of course it doesn't end there. For anyone who wants to keep up with 10:10 in Crawley, we've created a webpage to tell residents about the campaign, and one to inform them of what we've been doing. Next up, we're preparing for our role as the halfway stop in the Brighton to London Future Car Challenge. We'll be creating a special eco-event for the occasion where, of course, we'll be telling more people about 10:10.

If you would like to get in touch with Brett, to ask his advice regarding your own carbon cutting activity, email [email protected]