posted by Hannah Sharp

lights up the West End

Our day on the Piccadilly Circus billboards

Where's Wally? No, seriously, where's 10:10? Can you spot us?

What would you do with 24 hours on one of the world's most famous billboards?  It's a tough choice, especially when you're a climate change campaign wanting to tell London's tourist and pigeon population that carbon-cutting is the way forward.

Thanks to the nice people at Land Securities lending us some prime advertising space, we marked 10:10:10 with a punchy message to thousands* of people passing through Piccadilly Circus.

10:10 business Land Securities is a real-estate company with a huge portfolio of London shopping centres, office space and assorted other buildings. And, being a 10:10 landlord, they're working hard to help their tenants reduce their carbon emissions. Check out their 10:10 case study here.

* Nerdy fact: just under 100,000 people pass under the Piccadilly Lights every day.