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camera and carbon cutting action

On set at 10:10's mini movie shoot


Ready to roll on the 10:10 shoot, day 2

"QUIET ON SET, scene two, take four, and... ACTION."


I've lost feeling in my left foot some minutes ago. I'm squished into a crevice between a smoke machine and a camera monitor and scared beyond reason I'm going to knock something into shot and have a world famous ad director and crew of 60 drop me off the fire escape. Other than that, day two of 10:10's mini movie shoot is going exceptionally well. 

Standing at the back of a classroom set watching a master-craftsman go about his trade is truly a privilege, despite the muscle ache. Dougal Wilson, director behind that incredible John Lewis ad and a whole host of zany arty music videos is in his element. Being on-set is akin to standing under the Sistine Chapel as Michelangelo ponders whether those two fingers are going to touch or not. There is even four storeys of scaffolding outside on which the lighting is rigged. 

The Storyboard

The viral storyboard

Jamie, 10:10's producer on the shoot, has refused to divulge details of the top secret script. But he will say this; the plot takes in all sorts of people who are doing 10:10, and the few in the movie who are not doing 10:10, well let's just say they come to a sticky end.

The first day of shooting took place on a West London office set and was a long, laborious process with an amazing cast of extras who gave up a full day of their time to help us out (big thanks all). The second day with a classroom of extremely professional children and was as smooth a shoot as I've ever been on.

The idea behind the film is simple – using wit, creativity and a little bit of mad-genius, let's see if we can get to those parts of society that other climate change campaigns can't reach. So who better than Richard Curtis to write the script and Dougal Wilson to direct. What's more the  film is being shot on 35mm stock to give it that amazing cinematic feel.

Dougal in action

Dougal in action

There is a level of perfectionism, an attention to detail and passion for getting the job done right that is staggering. Especially considering almost everyone involved is donating their time, skills and often equipment. For example, the teacher in the second scene is being played by the brilliant Lindsey Marshal of Rome fame. Take after messy take, the cast and crew gave it absolutely 100%.

The shoot itself took place in Camden School for Girls, a perfect location considering how important 10:10 schools have been for the campaign over the year. And the school itself was beyond generous in their assistance. All totalled, Jamie and company have put together a film that should have cost over £400,000 for virtually nothing.

Dougal works out the scene from the back

Dougal works out the scene from the back

There are a couple of more scenes left to shoot, one involving a very big football club and a man who once had a sideline as a shampoo salesman. And with some luck and an awful lot more hard work from all of our volunteers we should have the film released released at the end of September in the run-up to 10:10:10. I'll be blogging the rest of the shoot as it goes and uploading photos to our Flickr set.