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Global blogs round-up

10:10:10 plans taking shape worldwide

10:10's new footballs on the production line

10:10's new footballs on the production line

Wow, there is less than two weeks to go before 10:10:10 and there is so much going on all around the world. Here's an update on some of the things going on in the name of 10:10 Global over the past week. Deep breath....

  • Undoubtedly the very coolest thing I've seen in the last week was the making-of video 10:10 Netherlands have put together for their amazing scouts photos. Watch it right now. Their 10:10:10 plans are pretty special too. Say hello to 10:10:10 TV, their 90 minute primetime TV special.
  • 10:10 New Zealand is getting ready for 10:10:10 - check out their detailed national plans and what they are up to specifically in Christchurch. Not sure exactly what a TrancePlant is, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Having held our own low-carbon lunch here at our London HQ last week, I'm really looking forward to seeing how 10:10 Canada's 10:10:10 plans pan out. They're cooking up a low-carbon thanksgiving dinner. Delicious.
  • 10:10 Denmark is up and blogging. They are preparing for their launch on October 1st. A great time to join the 10:10 family!
  • A big hello to 10:10 Cyprus' new blogger Nema who has already been out and about spreading the 10:10 word on her beautiful island.
  • Meet the 10:10 Hungary team and read / hear about the British Council Hungary's green london guide.
  • A quick political round-up. 10:10 Costa Rica signed up their minister of culture, youth and sport. And in Slovenia the ministry of foreign affairs committed to 10:10. Check out photos of the event right here on Flickr.
  • And finally to the sports news. The first 10:10 footballs are currently on their way to the 10:10 office. The footballs are made out of leather off cuts, by sign up social enterprise Alive & Kicking. Big <3.

I can't possibly do justice to all the hard work that is going on around the world in this short blog, so to find out the latest from your 10:10 region do check out And be sure to join the conversation on Facebook. I've put together a list of all of our global Facebook pages below, so be sure to join in the conversation in your country.

Remember, there's still time to plan your 10:10:10 event. Get over to for inspiration and tips on how to plan your day. And if you've already got an event organised, make sure to let us know all about it. Email us at [email protected] and be sure to upload your photos at

Finally, for those of you who are involved in running one of our amazing 40-something hubs around the world, I've put together some Facebook and Twitter assets for you to spruce up your social media presence ahead of 10:10:10. Check it out.

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