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time for Lighter Later discussion is now

PM's speech ignites national debate

This morning's media reaction to David Cameron's speech

The Daily Express and the Lighter Later crusade

When the Prime Minister speaks on an issue it carries weight, but the response to his speech yesterday on tourism and clock change has been phenomenal. Mr. Cameron has promised he and the government would consider the aims of Lighter Later - to realign UK clocks to better suit daylight hours - but first we have to show him that the people of the UK want change.  

Lighter Later campaign manager Daniel gets ready for Five interview

Five News interviews Daniel Vockins

It certainly appears that there's widespread support across the media. Rather incredibly the Daily Express has taken up the campaign and turned it into their very own 'crusade'. And they've done this with their front page! There's also been coverage in The Telegraph and on The Guardian.  Lighter Later campaign manager Daniel Vockins has been on the phone to radio stations up and down the country, including BBC 5Live, all morning, and the nice folks from Five News have just popped into the office to record an interview for the evening news.  Now I know what they mean by silly-season, it's been crazy in here all day!

The best thing about all of this media coverage is that it's giving us a chance to reach out and talk to even more people about the benefits of better aligning our waking hours with the time the sun's in the sky. Take for example those working in the tourism industry. They're getting to hear about the estimated £3 billion injection to the industry. That's 60,000 to 80,000 new jobs. Or how about older Express readers who may be worried about crime? An extra hour of sunshine in the evening is really going to affect their lives in a meaningful way. As always we've got a list of benefits, and the research behind them, right here.
The prime minister, and the ensuing coverage of his speech, has given the campaign a real boost just asthe days are starting to shorten again. Time's not on our side to get this change implemented before the October clock change but what we can do right now is get our MPs onside to vote for Rebecca Harris' private members bill in support of Lighter Later which will be debated in parliament early December. Write to your MP over the weekend, make them aware of how strongly you feel on the issue, and get them onside for the vote. You can find out your MP's details at
And once you've done that tell all your friends to check out and join the campaign.