posted by Cian O'Donovan

School puts 10:10 to music

Class 9 from Barking Abbey, East London tell us how to do 10:10.

Schools up and down the country have been doing some amazing work as part of their 10:10 commitment. Recently the Guardian profiled some great work by Argyle primary school. Not to be outdone, a year 9 class (with one year 10 interloper) from Barking Abbey School in Barking, East London, have put the finishing touches on what I can only describe as an incredible video telling us all to "Just Cut It".

Like 10:10's own mission which is all about an achievable short term goal, the students of Barking Abbey have a loud and clear message. And they tell it in a music video that has it all: a killer beat, great lyrics, and the freshest rap this side of Dizzee's "Jus' a Rascal". In fact, Jenkinson, the rapper in the video received a local Jack Petchey award for his outstanding contribution to the school life based on his input in the video. He can add to that a big well done from myself and all the 10:10 team.

 The video was the idea of newly qualified science teacher (and I suspect big fan of Glee) Amy Seller. Upon finding out the school had signed up to 10:10 by fellow teacher Eugene Spiers, Amy needed no further encouragement and set about enlisting in-house producer Stuart Cohen and a cast of students to produce the video during class and after school. The result is more than impressive. Check it out for yourselves.