posted by Cian O'Donovan

big day for Lighter Later

On the longest day of the year, our campaign for lighter evenings goes into overdrive


Today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. And for 10:10 it’s the day we take our Lighter Later campaign to the next level.

Roll over the image above to see how the Lighter Later campaign’s proposal – to move the clocks forward by one hour would help us make better use of the available daylight this summer. This timekeeping regime is known as Single Double Summer Time or SDST. Yes, we find that name confusing too!

Since the move to British Summer Time in March, 10:10 has been working with both our Lighter Later partners and our amazing supporters to put together an incredible coalition calling for the clock change that would cut carbon, save lives on the road, and boost the economy.

RoSPA, Road Safety GB, Tourism Alliance and BALPA are among a group of organisations backing the plan (full details here). What’s more, over 15,000 people have signed the Lighter Later petition calling on the government to introduce a three-year trial of the proposal. This morning we handed it in to prime minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

This evening we’re back in Westminster hosting a conference which will see leading academics, researchers and campaigners present new and updated research to MPs and policy makers. Foremost among these is Dr Elizabeth Garnsey of Cambridge University, who is presenting her newly published peer-reviewed paper on the impact of the Lighter Later proposal on energy usage. Ahead of the event Dr Garnsey had this to say:

“The carbon savings associated with this clock change are significant, equivalent to the carbon footprint of the production of 1,800 plastic bags for every home in Britain every year, or taking around 200,000 cars off the road.”

Today is also the day you can do your bit and help us achieve action on Lighter Later. You can sign up to the campaign here and spread the message to friends and family. After all, who else are you going to enjoy that extra evening sunshine with?

We’ll have updates through the day on our Facebook page and on the 10:10 Twitter feed so stay tuned…