Bright Idea

A few weeks back, 10:10's lovely intern Sion Elis Williams (below) posted our Lighter Later policy onto Yahoo's People's Policies site.

While we always knew that our proposal to move the clocks forward by one hour to get more evening sunshine was - literally - a bright idea, we were bowled over when, within hours, we were top of the People's Policies leader board.

As the deadline for voting on the policies drew closer, our Sion couldn't believe what he'd started: The public kept up their support for Lighter Later up, and days later there we were in the Metro newspaper, with a cartoon devoted to us! Amazing!

Yesterday, as the deadline for voting passed, it emerged that more than 7,000 policies had been posted onto the site - and an amazing one million people had voted. And while we didn't quite top the charts, we did make a very respectable number 6* (well, it's hard to argue with 'Better support for unpaid carers' or 'MPs pay their own mortgages').

So, well done you if you voted for us, and well done Sion. His bright idea to post on Yahoo's site means one million people have been exposed to the idea of Lighter Later's common sense policy to change the clocks, reducing emissions, saving lives and making us fitter and happier. Now that the vote's over, watch this space for news of Lighter Later's next big push.

* Tthere's certainly no shame in getting to number 6 in the charts: All Saint's Pure Shores, Blink 182's All The Small Things, and Craig David's Fill Me In all peaked at number 6.

posted by Jonathan Bown