posted by Duncan Clark

mentioned in Parliament (again)

Caroline Lucas nods to 10:10 in her first speech in Parliament

10:10 cropped up in Parliament again yesterday. In her first speech to the House, the first ever Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, said:

"We must act so that the United Kingdom can meet its own responsibilities to cut the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that are changing our climate, and encourage and support other countries to do the same. 
This House has signed up to the 10:10 Campaign – 10% emissions reductions in 2010. That's very good news." 

A quick clarification is perhaps needed here. The House itself hasn't explicitly signed up to the 10:10 target – a Lib Dem motion promoting that idea was narrowly defeated last year – but the entire government estate is on board, as well as nearly half of local authorities, plus hundreds of MPs. It's possible that the Houses of Parliament counts as government estate, in which case it would be doing 10:10, but we're still waiting for our meeting with Chris Huhne to work out exactly what was and wasn't included in that commitment. Caroline continued:

"But the truth is that we need 10% emission cuts every year, year on year, until we reach a zero carbon economy."

This is indeed what the science suggests. But for now we're focusing on the first 10%. One step at a time …