10:10:10 in the UK

A 'Global Day Of Doing' on Sunday, 10th October, 2010

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What is it?

10:10 has joined forces with international campaign group 350 to co-ordinate 10:10:10 – the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change on Sunday, 10th October, 2010. Across the world, thousands of people will take simple steps to reduce emissions, cutting carbon and sending a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

What can I do?

From 10,000 schools planting trees in Croatia and Russia to a carbon-cutting TV telethon in The Netherlands, sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Japan to solar installations on the homes of world leaders in India and The Maldives, thousands of events are planned. You could mark 10:10:10 with a low-carbon Sunday lunch, make your home or workplace more efficient, or plan something more ambitious.

What next?

  1. Sign up to 10:10 - Join the movement to reduce emissions
  2. Plan your 10:10:10 event - For inspiration, click here.
  3. Share your action. Tell us what you're up to, and register large events at 350.org.


Latest News: 10:10:10

Cutting carbon in the most delicious way

Delicious vegan chocolate cake at just a fraction of the carbon emissions

Energy Superheroes

Superman fought Lex Luther, Batman battled the Joker. But in Herefordshire, a new generation of 10:10 superheroes will be recruited for the greatest challenge of all.

Something in the water

The beautiful Teign Valley

There must be something 10:10-flavoured in the water of the Teign Valley. This quiet part of rural Devon is home to a cluster of 10:10 signups, three of our first 10:10 schools and four fantastic events planned for Sunday, 10th October, our Global Day of Doing on climate change.

Less stick, more carrotmob

10:10:10 - 8 Weeks To Go!

Here at 10:10, we're of the view that cutting carbon and good business can easily go hand in hand. Which is why we're very excited about a carrotmobbing initiative planned for Sunday, 10th October, 2010, our 'Global Day Of Doing'.