posted by Sandra Antonovic


10:10 Mediterranean is thrilled to present "Low Carbon and Delicious" cook book!

Change your diet, lead a healthier life AND reduce your carbon footprint. This might be the highlight of the cook book you are about to explore.

Low Carbon and Delicious” shares over 50 recipes from 17 countries, providing a simple insight of what “low carbon food” means and how anyone can make a positive impact on the environment from their own kitchen. A variety of recipes – from vegetarian to vegan – offers a great way to explore other cultures and climates, while having fun creating healthy meals.

Earlier this year we launched a 10:10 food project, sharing low carbon recipes and asking people to do the same. This e-book is just a logical step forward within that project and we thought it would be a good idea to make it region specific. The Mediterranean region was the obvious first choice, as we are active in seven countries of the central, south and eastern Mediterranean. Our friends from 10:10 hubs in France, Italy and Spain joined in and helped put the whole thing together - it was a great fun for everyone involved.

We were not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Our main goal was to make a colorful, inspiring and simple-to-use cook book with a low carbon twist. Enjoy!

Nektarina Non Profit, as the Publisher, would like to thank Ayesha, Chiara, Julika, Lavinia, Phoebe, Arnaud, Christian, Malachi, Mikka and Philip for their amazing layouts, helpful inputs, tasty recipes and outstanding support!

Bon Appetit!