10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

case studies from 10:10 people


People across the world are rising to the 10:10 challenge and finding innovative ways to cut their carbon.  
We've gathered together some examples, both in-depth and bite-size, to inspire and enthuse you.  So have a browse, and if you are interested in becoming a case study just fill in these case study questions and contact us at [email protected].


I first started cutting carbon a while back, after writing a paper at university really opened my eyes and motivated me to live sustainably. Fast forward a few years and here I am with a wife and 3 kids. Now there's more than one footprint to think about! We're tackling this as a family, and we're always searching for new ways to cut carbon together. We aren’t extremists by any account, but I really do believe that individuals can make an impact by making simple changes day by day. We’ve been using Dave Reay’s 'Climate Change Begins at Home’, a really entertaining read, to see what we can do.


Buongiorno mi chiamo Teresa e ho due bimbi Alessandro e Simone di sei e otto anni. Fino all’anno scorso accompagnavo i miei figli a scuola con la macchina. Poi mi sono accorta che la cosa non era molto salutare: arrivavamo stressati a causa del traffico mattutino della città, non camminavamo mai e per fare poche centinaia di metri ci mettevamo molto tempo. Così, non potendo accompagnare a scuola a piedi tutti i giorni i bambini e tornare a casa a prendere la macchina per andare a lavorare, ho cominciato a pensare a delle soluzioni alternative.


Van Nicolaas van Everdingen uit Heesbeen ontvingen wij een prachtig persoonlijk verhaal met foto’s. Dat willen we jullie niet onthouden. Leve de bakfiets!