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Joining 10:10 both underlines our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint even further and gives us a wealth of advice. We urge other UK businesses to join."
- Ronan Dunne, CEO O2

Signing up makes your business part of the solution to climate change. The aim is to reduce emissions by 10% in one year – or as close as you can get. By getting your carbon under control you’ll be cutting costs, staying ahead of the curve and showing your competitors how it's done.



How it works

Doing 10:10 means committing to aim for a 10% reduction across four key areas of your carbon footprint. For most businesses this is is ambitious but achievable. We hope you'll manage the full 10%, but we recognise that many progressive companies that have made significant cuts already will find it hard to achieve further deep cuts in 2010. 10:10 recognises all emissions reductions as a success, but those organisations achieving the full 10% can expect to feature prominently in coverage of the project.

Ultimately, 10:10 is all about giving it everything we’ve got. Until we do that, we won’t really know what’s possible anyway.

What exactly do we have to do?

Carbon footprints can be measured in different ways, but for 10:10 purposes, we’re talking about four key areas:

  • electricity
  • on-site fuel use (gas, for most of us)
  • vehicle fuel use
  • air travel

These are the four areas on which we will be asking you to report your progress at the end of your 10:10 year. In addition, joining 10:10 means trying to find ways to reduce your other, harder-to-measure emissions not covered above, and doing what you can to encourage staff, customers and suppliers to get involved.

Why should we sign up?

Let’s face it – the writing is on the wall for carbon-hungry business practices.

Using less energy will increase profits. You’ll save money now as your bills shrink; you’ll save money in the future when laws force everyone else to catch up with you; and you’ll make money by keeping staff and winning customers from rivals who don’t seem to be doing their bit.

Reducing your footprint is also the right thing to do, of course. 10:10 is about coming together to build a better future for all of us.

Why 10%? Why 2010?

With climate change, everyone talks about long-term targets, but scientists say it won’t be possible to meet these targets without the right action now – and that means cuts of around 10% in the very near future.



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