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Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

posted by julika

news round up


This week we celebrated 10/10/11 by kick-starting three carbon-cutting projects in the UK, street partying in Bangladesh, low-carbon marathon-running in Croatia and organising a mass switch-off in the Netherlands. With so many photogenic goings-on, this week's round up has turned into a bit of a photo essay...

  • In the UK, we marked our favourite date by putting on a buzzing Pitch Pledge Party event at the Guardian which raised £15k for three local carbon cutting projects. Check out all the details here.

  • Over in Bangladesh, hundreds of volunteers weren't deterred by what can only be described as torrential rains and went ahead to distribute plants, question passers-by about their carbon-cutting tips and tricks and put on a street party. Bangladesh's The Independent covered the event here

  • In the Netherlands, no less than half a million people participated in the Energy Challenge by switching their appliances off. Three million Dutch people heard about 10:10's work, thanks to a string of TV and radio appearances. In the meantime, loads of 10:10 universities, businesses and communities organised their own Energy Challenges ranging from dinners in the dark to these sprightly women encouraging Restaurants to switch patio heaters for blankets. More energy saving tips from our Dutch friends here.  
  • In Croatia's capital Zagreb, 10:10ers spent 10/10/11 running a low-carbon marathon and raising awareness in cooperation with their partner organisation Croatian Railways. Check out all the details in Sandra's blog.

  • Want to find out what 10:10 Bangladesh has been up to since getting started last year? Watch this little vid:

  • 10:10 Finland organised a flash mob on 10 October, where people froze into living sculptures holding signs displaying their carbon cutting pledges. 

  • Need funding for your local campaign team or your next 10%? Check out these tips from the UK team or this call for applications if you're based in a developing or emerging country.