10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

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Wondering what 10:10 is up to post-2010? Read on...

Salut, Ni hao, Hola, Hello…

What a year! In just eleven months, 10:10 has gone from a UK campaign to a growing movement of people and organisations in more than 40 countries. It has encouraged the likes of the city of Paris, London Underground, Benfica football club and Mexico City to make carbon-cutting commitments, and made 10% the ambition when cutting carbon. Today I want to thank you for your support, but more importantly to let you know about our exciting plans for 2011.

10:10 in 2011

Cutting carbon becomes even more crucial with every passing year, so in 2011, 10:10 will still be here to support your efforts. The name, logo and positive message will stay the same, and we really hope you continue to be here with us. We will be focused on encouraging more people and organisations to commit to cutting their emissions by 10%, so if you, your neighbour, school or workplace haven't yet signed up, it's not too late.

Why not encourage as many people as possible to make 10:10 their new year's resolution? Any organisation can benefit from joining 10:10. It's a simple truth that cutting carbon does, in most cases, save money. London Underground for example has saved tens of thousands of pounds this year thanks to its 10:10 efforts. Do contact us to find out more.

This year we'll build on the biggest achievements of 2010 and keep creating tools and resources to help your carbon-cutting efforts. We're also massively looking forward to another 'Day of Doing' on 10:10:11 (10th October, 2011) after your incredible efforts on 10:10:10.

Done 10:10? How about another 10%?

If you've managed a 10% cut in 2010, it's time to start thinking about how you could cut a further 10% next year. 10:10 is looking for pioneers – be they people, organisations or even cities - ready to commit to some bold new targets: perhaps a 20% cut in one year, or maybe a 10% cut every year for five years. Julika would love to hear from you if you're up for the challenge.

Words of thanks

10:10 Global has just three full-time staff, and without our partners could achieve very little. I'd like to give special thanks to some other organisations who have not only cut carbon but spread the word of 10:10 to their wider networks. These include TckTckTck, GreenMyParents, Waterfall Survivors, OurFuturePlanet, Do Something, Wiser Earth, Daily Kos and 350.org.

Many thanks to you all!

Ben Margolis

Acting director, 10:10