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Tenants and Landlords: Cutting Carbon Together

Landlords and tenants event

Earlier this week 10:10 hosted its first carbon cutting event, kindly sponsored by Kyocera and hosted at the company's Technology Suite in central London.

10:10 lights up the West End

Where's Wally? No, seriously, where's 10:10? Can you spot us?

Raise a glass to Adnams and their Carbon-Neutral Beer

Adnams East Green beer and 10:10-branded beermats

Adnams will be donating 10p from every sale of East Green Beer to the 10:10 Trust

On the Global Day Of Doing, here's to Adnams marking 10:10:10 with some great news: they'll be donating 10p from every bottle of Adnams East Green
beer to the 10:10 Charitable Trust.

Keeping mosquitoes in cheque

Howard Carter of Incognito presents his company's donation to 10:10

Incognito chose the time-honoured medium of the oversize cheque for their donation to 10:10

Making the cut: Land Securities

One New Change in London – one of hundreds of buildings owned by Land Securities

One New Change in London – one of hundreds of buildings owned by Land Securities

Green procurement: get more help

Once you've gotten to grips with the basics of low-carbon procurement, these organisations will help you take the next step.

Kyocera's green refit

Kyocera, 10:10's first business leader, have successfully launched their UK Technology Suite. Setting up in a new building in central London, they worked with their contractors to ensure very high environmental standards throughout.

Case study: Unpackaged

Food at Unpackaged

For businesses, 10:10 shopping month is all about tackling emissions from procurement and supply chains, and I've recently come across a small shop that's put this at the heart of its business model.

Many, if not most, retail products are overpackaged, and this is becoming a serious problem. Excess packaging not only places a burden on councils and consumers; its manufacture and disposal produces about 10m tonnes of CO2 each year.

Seven ways to green your supply chain

1. Understand the business case

Get buy-in from your board and fellow colleagues by communicating and understanding the business benefits:

Sony UK joins 10:10

Last week, Sony UK launched a major staff engagement campaign as part of its 10:10 commitment.  We went along to find out more.

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