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VIDEO: How Spurs tackled 10:10

10:10:10 Live Blog

Brighton, UK, low-carbon treats

Brighton, UK, low-carbon treats

10:10 has coordinated events, from the large and iconic to small practical actions, across the globe. I'll be keeping track of some of them through the day today.


J'adore (10:10) Paris

10:10 France's Yann Arthus-Bertrand with mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë

10:10 France's Yann Arthus-Bertrand with mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë

The 10:10:10 celebrations received a massive boost yesterday when the city of Paris said a hearty "bonjour" to the 10:10 campaign. The pace at 10:10 HQ ahead of our Global Day Of Doing has been truly breathless - and we're just getting started. 

10:10 Global blogs round-up

10:10's new footballs on the production line

10:10's new footballs on the production line

Wow, there is less than two weeks to go before 10:10:10 and there is so much going on all around the world. Here's an update on some of the things going on in the name of 10:10 Global over the past week. Deep breath....

The time for Lighter Later discussion is now

This morning's media reaction to David Cameron's speech

The Daily Express and the Lighter Later crusade

When the Prime Minister speaks on an issue it carries weight, but the response to his speech yesterday on tourism and clock change has been phenomenal. Mr. Cameron has promised he and the government would consider the aims of Lighter Later - to realign UK clocks to better suit daylight hours - but first we have to show him that the people of the UK want change.  

David Cameron says he'll look at Lighter Later

David Cameron says we need to tell him just how much we want more sun in our evenings

David Cameron talks clock change. Photo from BBC News.

Lighter Later is now firmly on the radar of David Cameron. The prime minister today said it is up to us to tell him we want more sunshine in our evenings and promised he and his government "certainly will look at it".

The 10:10 office: The DIY workplace

Series: six months in


It is January 1st 2010 and 10:10's home is a small pokey two-room in North London. It is cold, it is small and it is grim. Boy is it grim. Think Charles Dickens with a just a dash of The Good Life for comedy self-sufficiency moments.

Flash forward six months and 10:10 is now quartered in what what I can only describe as the best looking office in the city. So how did that happen?

VIDEO: Lighter Later goes to Parliament

10:10's Lighter Later campaign held a day of high-profile activity on Monday, the summer solstice, including a specially organised conference for MPs, peers and policy makers in Portcullis House, Westminster.

A big day for Lighter Later


Today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. And for 10:10 it’s the day we take our Lighter Later campaign to the next level.

Roll over the image above to see how the Lighter Later campaign’s proposal – to move the clocks forward by one hour would help us make better use of the available daylight this summer. This timekeeping regime is known as Single Double Summer Time or SDST. Yes, we find that name confusing too!

Video: School puts 10:10 to music

Schools up and down the country have been doing some amazing work as part of their 10:10 commitment. Recently the Guardian profiled some great work by Argyle primary school. Not to be outdone, a year 9 class (with one year 10 interloper) from Barking Abbey School in Barking, East London, have put the finishing touches on what I can only describe as an incredible video telling us all to "Just Cut It".

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