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Tenants and landlords event on 30th Nov

A conference at Kyocera Technology Suite

Kyocera Technology Suite

Working with your landlord or tenants plays an important role in helping your organisation reduce its carbon emissions. Feedback from 10:10 campaign signups suggests that doing this is not always straightforward.

10:10 is hosting an event to outline how to build cooperative relationships with your landlord or tenants, give advice on cutting emissions in commercial buildings and unveil our new 10:10 resource - the 10:10 tenant checklist.

Making the cut: Kirton Farm

Hairy Close Up

A silent march, roving couch and limbo contest

Team 10:10 DE spreading the word

Team 10:10 DE spreading the word

Ushered in late last night with a candle-lit installation in Bielefeld and marked with a (silent) crescendo in a parade this afternoon, Germany's Global Day of Doing has been truly inspirational.

Kiwis start the Global Day of Doing


TrancePlant volunteers taking a well-earned break

As one of the first places to wake up to 10:10:10, Christchurch New Zealand set the scene (and the bar) for today’s Global Day of Doing.

Paris gets ready to party on 10:10:10

Paris gets set for its 10:10:10 concert

Crowds gather for the 10:10:10 event in Paris

After Thursday’s exciting news that Paris has signed up to be a 10:10 city, the French 10:10 team has organised a huge free concert outside the iconic Hotel de Ville.

Malaysia gets busy for its Global Day of Doing


Cutting carbon in the most delicious way

Delicious vegan chocolate cake at just a fraction of the carbon emissions

Driving down carbon emissions with Streetcar

The giant inflatable streetcar with the 10:10 tagA giant inflatable car decked out with streamers, wedding banners and a 10:10 tag parked down a lovely cul-de-sac – what better way to launch Streetcar’s sign-up to 10:10? We went along to Streetcar HQ to welcome the UK’s largest car club into the 10:10 fold.

"Know that you're not alone"

Dr Susan Juned at Sustainability West MidlandsDr Susan Juned is Director of Greenwatt Technology and an elected councillor in Stratford upon Avon. As well as bringing both Greenwatt and the council on board with 10:10, she helped to get the UK's first full size battery-powered bus zipping around the streets of Stratford upon Avon.

I caught up with her to find out more about her new role as a Green Leader in the West Midlands.

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