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Remade in Edinburgh: six months in

Mending clothes at a Remade in Edinburgh workshop

Remade in Edinburgh received a huge boost when we received our crowd funding from 10:10 back in October. Hard to believe it’s March already – lots has happened in the last few months.

More volunteers

We’ve been celebrating receiving a grant from Zero Waste Scotland to help support our 30-strong group of volunteers with practical skills. We’ll be able to send them on courses to learn furniture repair, sewing and print-making – all useful skills they can bring back to the project.

We’ll do this as part of a volunteer credit scheme – this means that the more time people volunteer to the project, the more credits they will earn towards courses – a great way for us to give something back for all the hard work and commitment.

Remade in Edinburgh: one month in

Remade in Edinburgh

Hello from Remade in Edinburgh!

Back in October we were delighted to get some crowdfunding from 10:10's Pitch Pledge Party event, as well as to receive the £1,010 People's Project award, voted on by the 10:10 community. 

Now, just over one month into the funding, it's meant a part-time salary for me to keep coordinating the project, and being able to pay for a public meeting where we consulted on our three year plans. We were even able to take the volunteers out for a much deserved lunch afterwards. The public meeting was really helpful in focusing which activities we take forward, and what kind of funding we need to secure for them.

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