posted by Sandra Antonovic



Zadar County joined 10:10 in June last year, and they have been keeping busy with some really amazing projects.
Already reaching their 10% target within first four months through reducing energy consumption in all institutions founded by Zadar County, they also explored the possibility of using renewable sources of energy.
In collaboration with the Energy Institut "Hrvoje Pozar, Zadar County finished a study on how to use wind energy in the county. Furthermore they finished an analysis on possible biomass usage (to produce energy).
Zadar County is currently in the process of implementing changes in terms of energy usage - more and more facilities switch to solar or gas power, instead of electricity.
Additionally, on the island of Pag, Zadar County completed the first wind power plant, and several more wind power plants are being built as we write this.
That is not all. Zadar County performed free check-ups on energy usage in 23 schools and 6 public institutions, and they have formed a Green Office with energy efficient team that organizes regular workshops and provides help to organizations, businesses and households when it comes to efficient energy consumption, switching to renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions.