posted by Sandra Antonovic


...and no, we didin't get hitched! The "Yes I do" was the answer we just got from Mr Rade Serbedgia (Rade Šerbedžija) after we asked: would you please support the 10:10 campaign.

Hollywood, here we come!! :)))

Rade Serbedzija was born in Bunic (Korenica, Croatia) in 1946. Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Still a student, he started to play the leading roles in films and theater productions. He is remembered as an outstanding Peer Gynt, Don Juan, Georgij, Melkior, Oedipus, Hamlet, Leon and Richard III. He wrote and published four books of poetry and released four albums, as well as directed 12 plays.

In 1990s he joined Vanessa Redgrave to found a theater that produced plays such as Brecht in exile, Liberation of Skopje, Smoke, Opera Sarajevo. He took part in many charity and peace initiatives.

We loved him in The Saint with Val Kilmer, Mission Impossible 2 with Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut (with Cruise & Kidman), in Snatch (with Brad Pitt ), Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, and we can't to see him in the new Harry Potter!

Rade Serbedzija is a founder of famous Theatre Ulysses, located in Brijuni, Croatia, and we are looking forward to vising Rade Serbedzija there this summer!