posted by Sandra Antonovic


We signed up our first book publishing company (that ownes a bookstore as well)!!! What a day!!

Bookstore "Pillars of Culture" - STUBOVI KULTURE is located at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. Bookstore opened in 1998 and in a short time became one of the cult places of Belgrade. There you can find practically any book that strikes your fancy. 

Bookstore "Pillars of Culture" book fund is the largest  in the country, with books of  prose, poetry, drama, essays, theory, religion, mythology, ethnology, philosophy, historiography, visual arts, theater arts, film, music, architecture, sociology, anthropology, psychology, pedagogy, geography, sports, computers, science, technology, medicine, marketing, management, economics, children books, comics, right, esoteric, lexicography, construction, non-fiction, astrology, culinary, veterinary medicine, agriculture, etc.

The bookstore is also a large number antique books and journals from various fields. 

Besides continuing their recycling activties, they will offer a low cost boxes (branded 10:10) for collecting paper for recycling to their customers - what a great idea to spread the word on cutting carbon and get more people to sign up!