posted by Sandra Antonovic


Ethnographic museum in Belgrade is one of the oldest museums on the Balkans. Recently it has celebrated its hundredth anniversary and it rightfully deserves to be called a guardian of national culture. They signed up for 10:10 today!

Museum cherishes a large number of ethnographic items, organized into separate collections (household items, jewellery, customs, folk costume, national architecture, economy, cattle breeding, transport, rite items etc.). It has one of the richest specialized libraries in the Balkans and it publishes its professional publications. Museum possesses conservation service that can treat all sorts of materials, a huge display premises and it organizes large-scale ethnographic researches… and it has willingness and knowledge to explore ethnologically and anthropologically even the 21st century.

In its efforts to cut carbon Ethnographic Museum will start reusing wrappers and cardboard boxes for storage and transport, and they will reduce heating for 2 degrees Celsius during winter time, and ajdust more sensibly their airconditioners during summer time.