posted by Sandra Antonovic


We are so very proud that NGO The Center for Peace and Democracy Development sign up for 10:10!  The Center for Peace and Democracy Development (CPDD) is a visionary non-governmental organization that was established in 1991 in Belgrade, as the Center for Antiwar Action (CAA).

The CPDD’s most important goals are to: establish stability, democracy, and peace in the Balkans through regional cooperation, tolerance, and mutual respect among diverse peoples and cultures; to initiate and promote post-war reconciliation; to promote Serbia full integration into EU; to promote human rights and the rule of law; to support national minority groups in their efforts to preserve and develop their cultures and identities; to support all vulnerable groups, refugees, IDPs, migrants; to promote gender equality and equal opportunity for women and men; to enhance the democratic and economic development of Serbia.

They will be introducing recycling boxes in offices for paper, glass, cans and PET, they'll switch to energy saving light bulbs, and they will stop buying out-of-season fruit for the office!