10:10 in 2012 – the highlights

Look what you made!

10:10 is a 100,000-strong community of people and organisations doing positive, practical stuff to tackle climate change. 

You'll find 10:10ers all over the world, cutting carbon at home, at work and in their local area.

Here's our review of the year – a roundup of the best things we did together in 2012...

Remade Solar Schools Wat Doe Jij Uit
#itshappening Pitch Pledge Party sommerluk
Lighter Later Energy Bill


Remade month

Sharing the skills to fix our favourite things

A Remade event in Bangladesh

One of the biggest barriers to a truly low-carbon world is the energy used to make the things we buy and use every day, especially when we need to replace them every time something goes wrong.

So, inspired by the brilliant Remade in Edinburgh, we dedicated the whole of April to fixing – sharing the skills and building the confidence to fix clothes, bikes, computers and anything else that we can keep alive with a few basic repairs.

Get fixing at 1010global.org/uk/remade






Solar Schools

The Cutest Climate Change Project Ever goes national

Meeting the local MP Supporting 10:10

Pupils all over the UK are organising discos, gunging teachers and impressing MPs through our Solar Schools project – a unique programme that helps schools crowdfund the cost of a solar installation.

But it's not just about putting panels on roofs. Fundraising connects the school with new friends in the local area, and gives everyone a chance to help build a renewable-powered future.

They're even making waves in Westminster, with Labour MP Alex Cunningham mentioning his local Solar School during the Energy Bill debate in the Commons.

This year the project's gone national, with triple the number of schools gearing up to go solar!

Sponsor a school's solar roof at solarschools.org.uk




Real signs of a brighter future

South Korea doubled its carbon-cutting target for 2013 – they're in!

You don't have to look far for bad news on climate change, but there are also signs of progress everywhere. We think this is a story worth telling, and in October we launched #itshappening: an online gallery that collects examples of all the good stuff.

But this isn't just about spreading some cheer. The idea is to show show what's possible, and inspire people to keep pushing things forward until these exciting advances become the norm.

See the pictures and share your own at 1010global.org/itshappening




Lighter Later

The campaign for energy-saving lighter evenings goes out with a bang

Football in the park at sunset

Way back in January, our Lighter Later campaign for longer, lower-carbon evenings failed to pass its third reading in the House of Commons. 

But it wasn't for lack of support. Even with over 120 MPs ready to vote for it on the day, a couple of hostile MPs were able to run down the clock with time-wasting amendments, so the debate never went to a vote.

But while Lighter Later's time hasn't come just yet, we're using all the tricks we learned on a new policy campaign that could kick fossil fuels out of our electricity supply for good.

Get the whole story at lighterlater.org



Wat Doe Jij Uit

Celebrating 10/10, Dutch style

Wat Doe Jij Uit

In the weeks leading up to 10 October, the 10:10 Netherlands team toured around the country with two giant electricity meters, visiting museums, universities and even a whole island for a week at a time to see if they could use less power than during a similar week in the past.

Meanwhile, the chefs from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in Amsterdam developed a recipe for a special low carbon risotto, the media company Sanoma hosted a big clothing swap, and e-waste collections took place on Texel Island, in Amsterdam and in Utrecht. 

Get inspired at 1010global.org/nl/watdoejijuit (Google translated)



Cleaning up the power supply

Cutting carbon on both sides of the plug

Westmill Solar Cooperative

10:10's always been about cutting carbon wherever we can, but bikes, bulbs and boilers are just the start. To really crack this, we also need to fix the things we don't control directly.

So in June, more than 1,000 of us wrote to UK climate minister Ed Davey, asking him to back our home energy-savings with a bold plan for fossil-free electricity.

That means adding a 'decarbonisation target' to the Energy Bill – a 30-year masterplan for the UK's power. The bill's being debated right now, and it's all still to play for. But with everyone from Islamic Relief to ASDA on our side, we think we're in with a shot!

Learn more at 1010global.org/50



Pitch Pledge Party

Three grassroots carbon cutting projects, turbocharged by the 10:10 community

One year after our Pitch Pledge Party crowdfunding event, the projects we supported have made great progress.

Energise Barnet is working with Barnet council to insulate homes in the borough as part of the national Green Deal scheme. Meanwhile, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare retrofitted their 100th dialysis machine, saving about 20% on energy every time! And Remade in Edinburgh have stepped up their public repair workshops, giving more people the chance to drop in and learn how to fix their favourite things.

Meet the projects at 1010global.org/uk/ppp




Let's talk about district heating systems in Denmark. C'mon, just for a minute

See, most of Denmark's buildings are hooked up to giant boilers that deliver heat to everyone in the local area. These systems, called district heating, often get left running in the summer when they're not needed. Shutting them down from May to September cuts their energy use by about 5%.

So Danish 10:10ers organised a mass switchoff, spreading the word on Facebook, in person, and through the national media.

The video's all in Danish, but you should watch it anyway because Danish is awesome. 

Bask in seasonally appropriate levels of warmth at sommerluk.dk




Advice and inspiration from the best in the business


Each of the hand-picked 10:10 Pioneers has led an exceptional 10:10 effort within a business or organisation, and this year they've been giving free one-to-one advice to people hoping to follow in their footsteps.

The Pioneers are based all over the UK and have a whole range of backgrounds – from corporate energy managers to the heads of small local charities. Their 10:10 stories are very different, but they all know that working together and sharing ideas is the key to tackling climate change.

Meet the Pioneers at 1010global.org/uk/pioneers



Wait, there's more!

Extra highlights from 10:10 projects around the world

10:10 Argentina successfully co-organised the country's first ever zero-carbon festival in February, and repeated the feat with a second event in November!

10:10 Bangladesh hosted a 10:10 Photo Fest in May, with winning photos in three categories displayed in a Dhaka gallery. They also held a packaging-themed workshop in Dhaka, and launched the 10:10 Sustainable Hunt in October, looking for the best carbon cutting ideas and energy saving habits.

10:10 Brighton & Hove supported their local Solar School, joined community groups to provide energy audits for Brighton residents, co-hosted a renewable energy-themed photo exhibition at the railway station, and even ran an audience powered musical workshop at the Over the Moon Festival.

10:10 China co-hosted a Remade in Beijing booth at the Roots & Shoots Annual Summit event in Beijing in November. At the booth, people used recycled and discarded materials to make games, paper wallets, or whatever else they felt inspired to create.

10:10 Denmark weren't content with running the brilliant Sommerluk campaign. They also helped organise the Copenhagen Power Up in March, where a flashmob demonstrated youth support for a low-carbon future, and were out on the streets again in November to show support for the Circular Economy. They also participated in Remade month by organising a clothes and bike repair session on the streets of Copenhagen.

10:10 Germany ran a spring bike check in Berlin to coincide with Remade month, while several Berlin-based 10:10ers also organised and attended a computer workshop where they learned tips and tricks for improving efficiency and energy saving.  In June, Katie Griggs shared tips on how a low carbon life makes you happy at Karma Konsum in Frankfurt.

10:10 Netherlands had an amazing year, beautifully summed up in their 2012 lookbook. On top of all the 10/10/12 action, they ran a series of special sessions at the Repair Cafe; as well as all of their helpful post-its, tips and information on the website.



2012 by numbers



people signed up to 10:10 worldwide


pupils, teachers and parents involved in Solar Schools


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individual Energy Bill emails sent to Ed Davey


people took part in Remade month



Tweets about 10:10


Five most popular English language articles on 1010global.org

1. How to speed up a slow computer

Written in April for Remade Month, this article explains how to get your computer running like new again.

2. Guide to winter cycling survival

An old classic updated for 2012, with tips on the best equipment and techniques to keep you safe on two wheels through the winter.

3. Sugru: the fixer's secret weapon

Inventor Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh explains why she loves repairing, and introduces us to Sugru – her amazing creation that lets you modify and repair just about anything. Another big hit from Remade Month.

4. 10 tips to keep your clothes in good condition

Cut carbon from your closet, and keep your favourite clothes looking their best for longer.

5. Case study: the car-free family

Leeds 10:0er Rob Greenland found that going car-free(ish) was easier than he expected.



What's happening in 2013

We're on the way to a cleaner, cleverer, low carbon world, and everyone deserves a chance to help build it. In 2013, 10:10 is all about creating those chances. That means...

  • Making it easier for people to share their energy-saving tips and tricks.
  • Using the Solar Schools magic to light up our best-loved places with crowdfunded clean energy.
  • Working together to tackle the emissions we don't control directly.
  • Inspiring the world to go further and faster, by celebrating the good stuff that's already happening.

Stay tuned for some big announcements on how we're going to make this happen in the new year!



10:10 in 2012

The UK team

Angela Bryant, James BulmanAmy Cameron, Genis Carreras, Madeline Carroll, Malachi Chadwick, Duncan Clark, Ben Evans, Marco Fucci, Lizzie Gillett, Erika Helms, Ann Kelly, Imogen Lloyd-Thomas, Andy Lulham, Julika Niehaus, Susi Owusu, Vilius Paulauskas, Heidi Proven, Sym Roe, Daniel Vockins, Stephen White.

Includes part time employees and contractors. Current staff are in bold.


Active 10:10 hubs

Netherlands: Wijnand Duyvendak, Henriette Brons, Chrisje Simon-Van Oosterhout, Volkan Korkmaz, Maarten Pieterson, Natascha Kooiman and Nicole Bakker.

Germany: Katie Griggs with contributions from Anna Basten, Miriam Schmeling, Tom Raulien and Patricia Witkowski.

Denmark: Bettina Fellov, Echo Chaojun Li, Lu Zhang, Wara Ponce de Leon Franco, and the rest of the team.

China: Run in partnership with Greening the Beige and Roots & Shoots, with help from Claire Fletcher, Carissa Welton and Christina Zhang.

Brighton & Hove: Flemmich Webb, Tom Chute, Zoe Osmond, Simon Bottrell, Susie Howells, Danni Craker and Thurstan Crockett.

Bangladesh: Ishita Rahman and dozens of volunteers!

Argentina: Run in partnership with Ambientate, led by Kristie Robinson.


Interns and volunteers


Henry Brittlebank, Ksenya Kopliovsky, Alice Hunter, Josh Learner, Becca Thomas, Stephanie Landymore, Jess Walters, Julia Marques


Alex Heal, Jen Hilder, Hannah Barrett-Duckett



Fraser Winterbottom (chair), Nicole Bakker, Chris Cayley, Joss Garman, Eugenie Harvey, Alex Jelly, Tony Juniper, Martyn Williams

More info on the 10:10 board


Other people we'd be lost without

Anthony Smith, Pete Yeo, Mark Ellingham, everyone at Olswang LLP and London Bike Kitchen, Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, Tom Salfield, Ayesha Garrett, Jana Mills, and Robin Houston.

And of course, none of this would have been possible without all our amazing funders.

Thank you!


Remade Solar Schools Wat Doe Jij Uit #itshappening Pitch Pledge Party sommerluk Lighter Later Energy Bill