posted by Lucy Geoghegan

start the Global Day of Doing


TrancePlant volunteers taking a well-earned break

As one of the first places to wake up to 10:10:10, Christchurch New Zealand set the scene (and the bar) for today’s Global Day of Doing.

People at the film festival at 10.10am

The Climate Smart Film Festival ran throughout the day, offering a feast of entertainment and information about climate change and cutting carbon to the 80 visitors it welcomed through its doors. The event featured five speakers and also hosted the informal launch of the Christchurch City Council’s Smart Strategy.

Elsewhere, 70 people of all ages flocked to the coastal dunes for ‘TrancePlant’, a surprising mix of electronica music and tree planting. Hungry volunteers were rewarded with a BBQ after planting hundreds of shrubs and grasses. Next door, South Shore residents got up early to do some planting, making them one of the first 10:10:10 actions in the world!

Racing the afternoon rain, athletic

Souped up bikes in New Zealand

10:10ers joined Travis Wetland’s ‘walk for wellbeing’ and a ‘cross city cycle ride’. And despite the windy conditions, cyclists swarmed to the open air free bike repairs courtesy of Souped Up Cycles.

The exhausted but exhilarated 10:10 New Zealand team said they were:

“Tired but happy with our contribution to a Global Day of Doing. [We] look forward to seeing how other time zones follow our lead!”