10:10:10 Inspiration

Things you could do on or around October 10, whether at home or away

Idea #1 – saddle up!

At home

  • If you do one thing for 10:10:10, take time out to tell ten friends about what you’ve been doing to reduce your emissions and the positive effect it's had on your life. You can send them an email to get them signed up here.
  • This is a great time to work out how much money you’ve saved on your energy bills since joining 10:10, and treat yourself with the proceeds.
  • Use this day to mark the day your family changes its approach to energy use. Maybe you could set yourself a family treat, like a day out, as a reward to aim for in three or six months' time.
  • Home working is a great way to reduce your fuel consumption! Vivid Consultancy in Gloucestershire has a work from home Friday – why not give it a go?
  • Living in a draughty old building? Using a lit incense stick, search out the places where draughts are compromising your home’s energy efficiency and plug those gaps!
  • Make sure there’s less food going to waste by planning your family's menus before going to the supermarket.
  • Eating less (and better) meat is a great way to lower your emissions, and thousands of people across the world will be eating a low-carbon lunch on Sunday, 10th October 2010. Check out Meat-Free Mondays for some great tips and recipes.

At your work, school or organisation

  • Why not use the week of 10:10:10 to launch a cycle to work scheme? Look into offering employees interest-free loans on bicycles, install a bike rack for staff, give away cycling route maps and get a bike maintenance expert to come in and give a talk.
  • Take 20 minutes out so staff can race around your workplace, searching out areas where the office can be made more efficient. Have all the light bulbs been changed to energy-saving models? Are there machines left on during quiet times, evenings or weekends? Are there areas where air conditioning is battling with an open window? You could even reward the most energy-savvy staff member with a prize.
  • Create a lasting legacy after 10:10:10 by taking time out to put switch-off stickers on light switches, plugs and phone chargers.
  • If you’re about to start your second action year, why not challenge a neighbouring organisation in a similar building to spur both of you on?
  • If you dare to bare, why not take a leaf out of DECC and the Home Office’s book and publish your energy use online or on your staff intranet?
  • Hold an awards ceremony in your workplace where staff members who have helped change the culture of your organisation are recognised and rewarded.
  • Try out the 10:10:10 poster maker, which helps you tell everyone at your school, business, organisation – or even your family (!) – about your plan for the big day.
  • After getting settled into the new school year, now is a great time to think about lift sharing and how you can team up with other parents to ferry each others’ kids to school. The free 10:10 liftshare scheme plugs into a 350,000-strong national network, so you're bound to find someone going your way.
  • Take a leaf out of University College London Hospitals’ book and introduce a low-carbon menu in your staff canteen offering locally sourced, seasonal food.
  • Select a parking space at your workplace and, a la musical chairs, remove it by making it into a garden or allotment.
  • With the autumn/winter season approaching, freshen up your wardrobe for free with a Swishing event. Encourage staff to bring unwanted items of clothing in to swap.
  • Finished with your copy of How Bad Are Bananas? Then why not set up a green library in your workplace where staff can lend each other their environmental tomes? You could even lend out energy monitors so employees can do a quick audit at home and work out how they can cut energy use away from the office.
  • Why not organise a low-carbon school fete in the grounds of your school for 10:10:10? Use it to raise awareness of the great work your school is doing, and to encourage more families to sign up?
  • Veto that vending machine and go old school with a water fountain or kit everyone out with a reusable water bottle.
  • Is there a cafe near you that does a great job of sourcing local, seasonal food? Why not recommend them on your staff intranet?
  • 10:10:10 is the ideal opportunity to rethink your approach to company travel. So why not commit to taking the train instead of making short-haul flights?
  • Celebrate all your hard work with a disCO2. OK, so it doesn’t reduce carbon – but it’s great for spreading the word!
  • Rather than all heading out for a sandwich, why not get each of your team to bring in a different salad ingredient and share lunch!
  • Follow the great example of businesses like The National Magazine Company and compost food waste created by your workplace. Food waste counts for as much as two tonnes of each person’s emissions.
  • Encourage printer awareness. Add a ‘Do you really need to print this?’ message to your corporate email footer, or, like Microsoft, install a system where staff members can only print if they’re standing next to the printer!
  • Are you a faith organisation signed up to 10:10? Maybe talk about your efforts to your congregation in a 10:10:10-themed service.
  • October is also a great month to switch off the aircon, which may well have been running all summer.
  • This is your day to show off all the great work you’ve been doing to cut your carbon this year. So upload videos, pictures, and case studies to the 10:10:10 site and we’ll add them to our global scrapbook. More on this soon.
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