10:10:10 Events

Who's doing what to mark the Global Day Of Doing on Oct 10?

All around the world, people are dreaming up some fantastically creative ways to cut their carbon emissions on Sunday 10th October, 2010, and to celebrate their low-carbon lifestyles. Here are just a few inspiring ideas…

  • 10,000 schools will be planting trees in 24 European countries .
  • In Japan, sumo wrestlers will cycle to training instead of driving.
  • There are tree plantings planned in every African country on 10:10:10.
  • In Auckland, New Zealand, Josie and her crew will be fixing every single bike they can get their hands on.
  • In the Netherlands, there will be a  one hour carbon-cutting telethon on mainstream telly.
  • In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a zero-carbon event will feature free eco workshops, a fair where people swap goods instead of buying them, and celebs talking about how they've cut their own carbon.
  • The Wildfire Festival in the UK, which expects 10,000 people, will be free for anyone who commits to reducing their emissions by 10%.
  • In the Maldives, President Mohammed Nasheed will be putting up solar panels on his house.
  • The Mumsnet forum, with two million members, will be helping mums cut carbon at home.
  • Beijing, China: environmental arts group Greening The Beige will be exhibiting a collection of artworks themed around 10:10:10
  • In Devon, UK, community group Greener Teign is holding an eco fashion event offering on-the-spot customisation of clothing, T-shirt screen printing, a catwalk show and an auction of vintage clothing.
  • In Ajijic, Mexico, a solar-powered fish and vegetable farm will be opened.
  • In North Sydney, Australia, a wildlife corridor will be planted.
  • University College London Hospital will be offering a low-carbon menu to its patients.
  • A rural hospital in Zimbabwe is installing solar panels.
  • There will be a 10:10:10 concert in Oslo celebrating the city's success at meeting their 10% target.
  • Christchurch, New Zealand: the City Institute of Technology will be screening a selection of eco films on 10:10:10.
  • Washington DC, USA: an event will aim to illustrate the benefits of sustainable food, including a community garden.
  • Families across the UK will be holding low-carbon Sunday lunches.
  • Land Securities will be displaying all the 10:10 actions on a big screen in the centre of London's Piccadilly Circus.
  • British schools will have Fuel Free Fridays and students will compete to design the best eco school.
  • Campaigners are working hard to ensure Mexico City will commit to a 10% cut in the cities carbon emission on 10:10:10.
  • Budapest, Hungary is host to a party... in a giant bath.
  • In Canada people will be holding low carbon Thanksgiving lunches.
  • There will be 30 minutes on national telly about 10:10:10 in Belarus, Ukraine, and Slovakia.
  • In Germany there will be a low carbon speed dating event.
  • There will be a zero carbon music festival in Portugal.
  • In Bangladesh the Prime Minister will speak at a public event aimed at signing up members of the public to a 10% commitment.
  • Campaigners, NGOs and VIPs will travel to mark 10:10:10 in the centre of Paris... on roller-blades.
  • One hundred farms in Central and Eastern Europe will meet online to share advice about cutting carbon.
  • Twenty five towns in the Mediterranean region will organize "clean me up" days.
  • Croatian Railways and Slovenian Railways will add 10:10:10 logos on the back of all of their train tickets on 10:10:10.

Keep visiting this page for more fantastic 10:10:10 actions. And register yours by dropping us an email.

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